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Here’s how our business game/simulation help your leaders and people engage in learning & development program.


  • Focus on experiential Learning: Learning by doing is one of the most effective ways of retaining knowledge as it stimulate a real experience through an activity.


  • Educate holistic thinkers: Participants understand and practice the interconnectedness of various business disciplines and functions, and how their actions affect the bottom line performance.


  • Practice decision making under the risk-free circumstance: Participants can make any mistakes in a risk free collaborative learning environment, where they can connect them to the scenarios in their virtual companies.


  • Provide rapid feedback on decision: The participants will get results from their decision immediately when they work against other competitors. And they will learn the success and mistakes very fast.


  • Create discussion: Business simulation is open space for people from different functions to discuss and share perspectives together which will help organization create better understanding and cooperation.


  • Encourage observable leadership attitude and behaviors: The session will encourage participants to share their perspectives and organization will be able to observe their leaders’ attitude and mindset.

the leader



Learning from the simulation, the participants are expected to;


  • Create a sense of adaptation to change

  • Create awareness of the leader’s impact on team and business

  • Create leadership mindset in leading talent people

  • Understand how to act as a leader to drive talented team and create business success in highly competitive market base on situations

  • Apply the insight from the simulation to real life behavior


  • Decision Making

  • Team Leadership

  • Communication

  • Leading Gen Y

  • Problem Solving

  • Adapting to Change

  • Holistic Thinking

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Analysis Thinking

THE LEADER is a business simulation that simulates team stages that require decision from the participants as team leaders.




Engaging with the simulation, participants will learn about;

  • Team process and how to lead each phase to create most effective team performance

  • How leaders have impact on team engagement and performance

  • How leaders have impact on business results

  • Managing leader’s energy and time

  • Making decision and solving problem with a holistic view

  • Leading specialized team in highly competitive business

  • How to build trust and build good relationship in team

  • How to balance team relationship, business results and stakeholders’ expectation

  • The need to adjust and adapt leader’s styles based on situation and team condition





Middle managers

First line managers

Project managers

Talent group

Entrepreneurs / Startup team




1 - 1.5 Days depending on the next step and discussion requested by clients

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